Bank Holiday Offer

August bank holiday is upon us and we feel great about the year so far. We feel so good about it that we want to give something back to our clients for their loyalty, support and regular business. So, from August 29th to August 31st we are discounting 50% across our entire stock! That is all our cameras, lighting and grip equipment at 50% discount, including shooting kits (subject to availability).

We’re sure you’ll agree that this great value offer will help those small, down-time productions to get off the ground! Let us put a smile on your face, get in touch to find out just how affordable we can make your shoot! Let’s continue to make 2015 a memorable year!! (offer does not include MOVI technicians)

Quote “50% Bank Holiday Deal” to claim this amazing discount

Solutions available to suit all budgets and requirements,
Camera Shooting Kits
Flexible package kits which include all items needed for a shoot.
Choose from tungsten, HMI, LED and fluorescent options available in varying outputs.
Camera movement and stability. steadycam, dollies, jibs, sliders, tripods, car mounts etc.
From the fastest primes to zooms. Wide selection of focal lengths both PL and EF mount..
A huge assortment of accessories available to aid all equipment in use on set.
3D stereo
3D equipment mirror/ side by side rigs, sync generators, stereo monitors and more.
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