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Red Helium 8K Camera Test
Decode’s RED S35 Helium 8K sensor test was carried out with a RED Epic–W with Standard OLPF. This exposure latitude test was designed to evaluate the noise levels at the native ISO of 800.
Arri Amira Latitude Tests
Recently Decode have been busy in the test room exploring all things technical. A long-form project has required us to carry out some tests of Arri Amira Latitude and also a comparison of filters, so we thought we’d share the results with you.
Arri Amira Filter Tests
Decodes camera filter test was carried out to compare the effects of popular Tiffen digital camera filtration: Black Pro Mist, Glimmer Glass and HDTV FX. We shot using the Arri Amira, Zeiss CP.2 lenses, and the following settings:
Filming in Mecca Case Study
We offer a very reliable international service to productions based abroad or filming part of their production abroad. A recent example is “One Day In The Haram”, a feature length documentary film exploring the pilgrimage to Mecca.
When To Use A Camera Dolly
A slight tracking shot can make a world of difference in making an otherwise static talking heads scene look and feel more interesting. A dolly is one of the most powerful tools at a filmmaker's disposal.
When To Use A Camera Slider
A camera slider is a must in your filmmaker’s tool kit. But when should you use a slider instead of a dolly or a stabiliser? Here’s Decodes favourite 6 situations where a camera slider will be your best bet:
Macro Photography
One of the questions we’re asked most frequently by our clients when it comes to macro lenses is depth of field. A major obstacle when shooting macro shots is that the depth of field becomes extremely shallow.
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