DigiSlate is a modern take on the digital slate / clapperboard for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch brought to you free of charge by Decode in conjunction with sound post-production facility Wimbledon Sound.

DigiSlate is free. No catch, no personal information required to activate, just a clean, reliable digital clapperboard for your production.

DigiSlate uses either a swipe across the board or the volume buttons on your device to clap the board. This allows you to keep your hands well out of the way when the slate claps. Simple.

DigiSlate digital clapperboard app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch


– Swipe across or use the volume buttons to clap the board
– Double tap the text on the board to edit the slate
– Drag up and down (or double tap) on Slate, Roll, Scene and Take to change
– Take will go green to indicate that the board has been clapped
– Choose either a traditional black slate or white clapperboard
– Time of day (to 1/100th second) for reference or Scene Name L.E.D. style display
– 3 different sounds for sync – Clap, Beep (1kHz tone) or White Noise

DigiSlate digital clapperboard app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

No more fiddling around with small on-screen buttons or awkward user interfaces – DigiSlate is easy to use even on the smaller display of an iPhone/iPod Touch and looks fantastic on the larger screen of your iPad.

Built for iOS7 and the Retina Display, DigiSlate is the free digital clapperboard you’ve been waiting for.

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