ARRI Cameras

ARRI Alexa Mini
ARRI Alexa Mini ideal for gimbals and lightweight HD, 2K, 4K UHD recording. Up to 200fps.
Daily: £400.00
Arri Alexa XT Plus
Super 35mm camera recording to ProRes & DNxHD formats in 4:3 & 16:9 A/R supporting high speed filming up to 120fps.
Daily: £850.00
Arri Alexa Plus
High-End S35mm digital camera, captures images in Uncompressed 2K resolution and records native ProRes 4:2:2, 4:4:4:4, or DNxHD to internal SxS memory cards.
Daily: £585.00
Arri Alexa
Uncompressed 2K, native ProRes or DNxHD to internal SxS cards.
Daily: £400.00
ARRI Amira
ARRI's Digital Documentary Camera recording up to 200fps with Alexa image quality
Daily: £295.00
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