Cmotion wireless follow focus

The Cmotion WLCS wireless follow focus ‘COMPACT LCS’ is available in 1, 2 and 3 motor configurations. As with all control modules from cmotion, the hand unit is robust and ergonomic and available for right or left handed operation. A brand new intelligent motor, developed in collaboration with ARRI, is an integral component of the new compact line up.

Hand unit with knob, joystick and rocker switch for three motor control, including three motors.

Cmotion WLCS set includes:
  • – compact hand unit with knob, joystick and rocker switch
  • – compact camin
  • – 3x cforce motor set (including standard clamp for 19mm rods, 15mm rod adapter, gear set and 1x gear carrier)
  • – Power cables and connectors for your camera of choice
  • – 3x battery and charger
  • – 5x marker rings
Cmotion WLCS 3 Axis Compact
Compact wireless follow focus 3 channel
Daily: £180.00
Cmotion compact ONE
Cmotion compact ONE
Compact wireless follow focus 1 channel from Cmotion
Daily: £150.00
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