DJI Ronin

The Ronin can be configured in any of three operation modes for different requirements with no change in functionality. Upright (overslung) Mode gives an eye-level viewpoint, while the normal underslung mode is for any viewpoint from chest height to ground level and in this mode can be supported by a jib or crane. Finally there is Briefcase Mode which is better for negotiating tight spaces but still with full functionality. It has a built-in balance adjustment system. In fact setup is possible in as little as 5 minutes when changing position or configuration and the ATS (Auto Tune Stability) technology intelligently fine-tunes the gimbal to your rig. Smoothtrack Control also allows for smooth changes in camera angle for a single operator.

The Ronin uses technology from DJI’s Zemuse range of gimbals (brushless motors, multiple control modes and built-in IMU) for an ultra-smooth operation, and comes supplied with a 2nd operator remote control which enables the second operator to control camera movement independent of gimbal movement.

Additional features of this model include a quick release detachable top handle bar, quick swap smart battery, power distribution box, mountings for 15mm rods, Bluetooth Assistant software, and an Assistant app giving the Ronin’s vital stats in real time.


  • – Tool-Free Adjustment
  • – 5-Minute Setup and Auto Tune Stability
  • – Uses Zenmuse brushless ultra-smooth technology and Smoothtrack Control
  • – Upright, Underslung or Briefcase configurations
  • – 32-bit Floating Point DSP Processor
  • – Power Distribution Box with two regulated D-Taps, one 500mAh USB connector, and DJI Lightbridge Long Range HD Video Downlink connector
  • – Quick-swap Smart Battery
  • – Firmware Upgradable
    DJI Ronin Stabilizer
    3 axis camera stabilizer, easy to use and can handle payloads of 16 lbs (7.25 kg),
    Daily: £125.00
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