Range of dolly and track for hire from DECODE. You can hire the dolly individually or as part of a package. We have an extensive range of options, all geared to provide you with everything that you need.

Furthermore, book any camera shooting kit from us and you can take advantage of incredible bundle deals for Tungsten or HMI lighting, with most of what you need for indoor filming at an unbeatable rate. Go Mighty by combining both bundles for a complete lighting package. See bottom of the page for more information.

Dolly Options

Chapman Super PeeWee III Dolly
Chapman Hydraulic Lift Camera Dolly
Daily: £295.00
IDS Universal Dolly
IDS Universal Dolly
The daily rate includes: Universal Indy Dolly platform, seat, push bar. 24FT straight track (8 x 3' sections) and 20FT diameter curved track charged separately.
Daily: £65.00
Long Valley Flatbed Dolly
Long Valley Flatbed Dolly
Wooden flatbed dolly with four sets of four skater wheels and pull bar. Designed to create smooth camera movement when operator and tripod are mounted directly on the flat surface.
Daily: £50.00
Losmandy 3-Leg Spider Dolly
With an easy to assemble modular design this dolly allows a tripod be mounted directly to the three legs of the spider. Complete with a pull bar for easy tracking. *Tripod not included.
Daily: £70.00
Losmandy 4-Leg Spider Dolly
With an easy to assemble modular design this dolly comes with 4-legs, central telescopic column (compatible with 100 or 150mm bowl head), operator’s seat, complete foot platform and pull bar. *Tripod head not included.
Daily: £85.00
P+S Technik Skater Mini
P+S Technik Skater Mini
Ground level skater dolly with laser pointer. Optional levelling supports - £15
Daily: £90.00
PD-1 Camera Dolly
PD-1 Camera Dolly
Compact dolly with spring controlled boom arm for easy to control camera movement. Comes with Side Platforms, Arm Breaking System, Seats, Low Mode and Camera Offset Adapter. Suitable for 100 and 150mm bowl heads.
Daily: £100.00
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