Losmandy 3 leg spider dolly

Adding still more modularity to our dolly system, we now offer a Losmandy 3-Leg Spider Dolly with longer legs. These will provide a 36″ footprint instead of the 24″ footprint of our standard track dolly.

The Losmandy 3 leg Spider Dolly kit which includes a piece of 40ft FlexTrak, converts your tripod into an inexpensive, extremely portable, tracking dolly. Very well engineered to support any camera package smoothly. Cleverly, one leg is on an articulating arm to compensate for variations in the track width. All legs fold for shipping; a hard plastic Storm case is included.

The amazing seamless FLEXTRAK can be configured in straight runs that can suddenly curve in any radius or direction. The basic unit is 40, which will loop to make one 17 run. 2 pieces side by side will create a 40 run. Each section rolls up into a 2 diameter bundle and weighs 20 Kg. creating unprecedented portability for a track rigid enough to support an operator, yet flexible enough to curve into a 90 degree turn with a 2 radius. The key to FlexTraks success lies in the unique capability of the Spider Dollys track wheels, which are designed with double articulating arms that create the ability to negotiate sharp radius turns. Track channels and spreaders can be used to set up perfectly straight lines, add more stability, or span uneven surfaces when chocked with wooden wedges.

Losmandy 3-Leg Spider Dolly
With an easy to assemble modular design this dolly allows a tripod be mounted directly to the three legs of the spider. Complete with a pull bar for easy tracking. *Tripod not included.
Daily: £70.00
SSE Turbo Track - Curved
Curved aluminium folding track kit. Comes in a set of 3x 1.5m 30 degree sections which creates a quarter circle. Includes track joiners.
Daily: £30.00
SSE Turbo Track - Straight
Straight aluminium folding track kit. Comes in a set of 5x 1.5m sections and includes track joiners:
Daily: £35.00
Flexi-Track Kit
One piece of Flexi-Track equals 20 feet (6 metres) of usable track. Two pieces of Flexi-Track side by side equals 40 feet (12 metres) of usable track. Complete with track gutters but can be used without.
Daily: £20.00
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