Losmandy 4 Leg Spider Dolly

One of the best features of our 4-Leg Spider is the combination of our Pivoting Seat mounted on the Swivel Seat Mechanism. The Swivel Seat Mechanism pivots 360 degrees around the column, while the Pivoting Seat allows the camera operator to move in and out relative to the column.

Putting these two motions together lets the camera operator keep his eye tucked into the camera’s eyepiece and rotate his body around the column in sync with the panning motion of the fluid head. The camera operator can concentrate on his framing and incorporate a zoom or focus pull with his left hand as his right hand controls the pan and tilt.

The seat assembly adjusts its height by moving the threaded nut on the shaft. Also, the upper non-threaded section of the seat shaft can be removed from the bottom threaded section to drop the padded seat down lower for low-shot work.

Losmandy 4-Leg Spider Dolly
With an easy to assemble modular design this dolly comes with 4-legs, central telescopic column (compatible with 100 or 150mm bowl head), operator’s seat, complete foot platform and pull bar. *Tripod head not included.
Daily: £85.00
SSE Turbo Track - Curved
Curved aluminium folding track kit. Comes in a set of 3x 1.5m 30 degree sections which creates a quarter circle. Includes track joiners.
Daily: £30.00
SSE Turbo Track - Straight
Straight aluminium folding track kit. Comes in a set of 5x 1.5m sections and includes track joiners:
Daily: £35.00
Flexi-Track Kit
One piece of Flexi-Track equals 20 feet (6 metres) of usable track. Two pieces of Flexi-Track side by side equals 40 feet (12 metres) of usable track. Complete with track gutters but can be used without.
Daily: £20.00
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