HMI, tungsten and LED lighting for film & TV. Take advantage of incredible bundle deals for Tungsten or HMI lighting. We cater for everything you need for indoor and outdoor filming at unbeatable rates. Whether you book any camera shooting kit from us or not, there are great bundles to maximise your budget. Go Mighty by combining both bundles for a complete lighting package. See menu section for more details.

Lighting Deals
Comprehensive lighting packages at discounted rates
Daylight balanced (5,600K) lamps with a large light output in relation to the input wattage. Various sizes available from 200W upward.
Assorted light sources using the classic tungsten bulb with a colour temperature of 3,200K. Open face and various lensed models available including Fresnel’s.
KinoFlo light sources using fluorescent bulbs in either Daylight (K5600) or Tungsten (K3200) colour temperatures.
LED Lighting
Wide range of LED lighting fixtures for film and TV continuous lighting
Battery Powered
Assorted lighting which can be used on location with battery power only when mains power and generators are unavailable.
Generator and trucks
Lighting Accessories
Various accessories to assist lighting fixtures such as scrims, gels, safety chains and mounting options.
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