ARRI 1.2KW HMI Compact

Arri Compact 1200 Watt HMI Kit. The fixture sports a 6.9″ lens that provides a smooth, even field of light. Powering the HMI fixture is the Arri multi-voltage ballast. It has on-board dimming, offers flicker-free power, and can be connected to your control board for remote dimming.

Rounding out this kit are a 50′ head-to-ballast cable, a four-leaf barndoor set and filter frame. An HMI bulb must be purchased separately.

Main features

  • – Daylight balance
  • – 50Hz, 60Hz and flicker free (for high speed shooting)
  • – Partially dimmable (down to approximately 50% power)
  • – 110v – 240v self switching
  • Arri 1.2K HMI Lamp
    Arri 1.2KW HMI Kit includes Header Cable, Ballast (16A)
    Daily: £75.00
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