HMI-Tungsten Combo Deal

Take advantage of this incredible Tungsten and HMI lighting deal. This is a fantastic comprehensive standard package with most of what you need for indoor and outdoor filming at an unbeatable rate. Transform your production by enjoying lighting equipment that will put a grin on any DoP’s face. Maximise your budget in ways you never thought could be possible.

Do browse our large in-house inventory of HMI, Tungsten, LED and Fluorescent lighting plus accessories and find any extras that your production might need. Should you need them, we will try to accommodate all requirements within a rate that is suitable to your budget.


  • – 1x 5K Fresnel
  • – 3x 2K Fresnel
  • – 3x 1K Pup Fresnel
  • – 2x 2K Blonde
  • – 3x 800W Redhead
  • – 2x 650W Fresnel
  • – 2x 4x4FT Bank Kinoflo
  • – 2x 4x2FT Bank Diva400 Kinoflo
  • – 3x 150W Dedo Lights
  • – 1x 1000W Rifa Light
  • – 3x 4x4FT frames
  • – 5x Cstand, arm and knuckle
  • – 2x 6FT Polecat
  • – 4x 16AMP splitters
  • – 10X 14M (48FT) 16AMP cable
  • – Stands for all of the above lights


  • – 2x 2.5KW HMI PAR
  • – 2x 1.2KW HMI PAR
  • – 1x Jokerbug 800W HMI
  • – 1x 575W HMI PAR
  • – 1x Dedo 400W HMI
  • – 5x Cstand, arm and knuckle
  • – 4x 16AMP splitters
  • – 10X 14M (48FT) 16AMP cable
  • – 1x Grip box (assortment of clamps)
  • – 1x smoke/ haze machine
  • – 2x 4x4FT Polyboard and holder
  • – 1x 8x4FT Polyboard and holder
  • – 18x Sandbags
  • – Stands for all of the above lights

HMI-Tungsten Combo Deal
Combine both HMI and Tungsten deals into one mighty deal!
Daily: £1,000.00
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