High Speed Kits

Book any camera shooting kit from us and you can take advantage of incredible bundle deals for Tungsten or HMI lighting, with most of what you need for indoor filming at an unbeatable rate. Go Mighty by combining both bundles for a complete lighting package. See bottom of the page for more details

Photron BC2 Master Primes Camera deal with 1 Technician
Fastcam BC2 HD, ARRI Master Primes and accessories + 1 technician
Daily: £2,500.00
Photron BC2 Basic £1500 deal with Technician
Fastcam BC2 HD, Zeiss CP2 lenses and accessories + 1 technician. January- February 2015 offer
Daily: £1,500.00
Photron Fastcam BC2 Studio deal
Studio hire, Photron Fastcam BC2 camera kit, Dolly and Technician
Daily: £2,000.00
HMI Lighting Deal
2x 2.5KW HMI, 2x 1.2KW HMI, 1x Jokerbug 800W HMI, 1x 575W HMI, 1x Dedo 400W HMI, 3x 4x4FT frames, 5x Cstand, arm and knuckle and more
Daily: £500.00
Tungsten Lighting Deal
1x 5K Fresnel, 3x 2K Fresnel, 3x 1K Pup Fresnel, 2x 2K Blonde, 3x 800W Readhead, 2x 650W Fresnel, 2x 4x4FT Bank Kinoflo, 2x 4x2FT Bank Diva400 Kinoflo and more
Daily: £500.00
The Mighty Lighting Deal
Combine both HMI and Tungsten deals into one mighty deal!
Daily: £850.00
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