Profit Share with Your Presently Unused Equipment

Do you own your own quality equipment that sometimes sits unused for long period of time? Would you like to make money while your
equipment is not in use ? We run a busy, professional hire operation opposite Malcolm Ryan Studios and are always in need of additional equipment to complement our services. We would help you monetise your equipment at an agreed profit percentage split, for the dates that you are not using your equipment.

Down time can be a total waste for your asset while it sits on the shelf. Leave your equipment with us and we will not only look after it and maintain it but generate a monthly financial return for your investment. Furthermore, we would offer you an extremely beneficial discount against our entire rental stock, at a mutually agreed rate.

Typical equipment we would consider:

  • – HD and High-end digital 35mm Cameras
  • – Lenses (35mm PL prime and zooms, 35mm EF prime and zoom)
  • – Grip (tripods, sliders, dollies, cranes)
  • – Lighting (HMI, Tungsten, Pocket Par, etc)

Please forward your list of equipment to

We look forward to receiving your enquiry

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