Building of Infinity Cove

Our expert Infinity cove construction services will build your cove, whatever the size. An Infinity Cove is an area in a studio usually painted white or Chroma Key green where models, actors and props are placed and photographed from. The Cove is constructed in a way that there are no corners, only smooth flat and curve surfaces in order to give the impression that the background behind your models or props appear to extend into infinity. Our Infinity Coves are durable and easy to clean and refresh and can be painted in any colour to suit your work medium. It will allow you to hire out your studio, reduce down time and increase production.

Drawing from our extensive experience, all our coves are of bespoke design and style, whether working with an existing floor or as is often the case working with a floor installed by us. Full consideration is given to the space available, that being height, width and depth and the radius dimensions used to best suit your requirements.


All construction and installation is carried out with as little disruption as possible. Dust, waste removal and dehumidifying (only water based paints are used) are carried out on a regular basis as required. All framing joints and panels are glued, screwed and pinned together, avoiding any movement and creaking of the joints. This attention to detail greatly reduces the likelihood of hairline cracks appearing.

The construction of the Cove is done in such a way that the end result is seamless with an imperceptible transition from flat to radius and onto flat again with no visible joints. Primer/undercoat and your required finish is applied, followed by a clean and tidy up; finally, all yours to sign off. Allow 24 hours for the paint to dry properly and your Infinity Cove is ready for use. The quality of the finishing will vary and depend on the materials used and quoted based on your budget and requirements. It is an obvious equation that the better and more expensive the materials and longer construction time spent on the work the smoother the final product will be. You will, regardless of the budget, get an infinity cove that you can use to create a seamless background when lit correctly. Enjoy.

To enable us to deal with your enquiry as quickly as possible, please email or alternatively phone +44(0)2087359170.

Infinity Cove Building
Infinity Cove Building
Building of infinity cove. Rate depends on size and materials used.
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