Building of Infinity Cove

Our expert Infinity cove construction services will build your cove, whatever the size. Infinity Coves are professional structures often found in studios or other photographic environments. These are generally painted white or Chroma Key green/ blue to suit the camera and format a client will be photographing models, actors, product placement, etc. The construction is specialist work with the main feature of having no visible corners. This is done by creating one large smooth flat and curved surface with the only objective of giving the impression that there is no background behind what is being filmed or photographed. They give the visual effect of looking into infinity, hence receiving the name infinity cove.

Our Infinity Coves are constructed with durable materials, previously agreed with you and easy to clean. They can be easily maintained in-house by your own team and naturally, can be painted in any colour to suit your work or your client’s requests. It will allow you to hire out your studio, reduce down time and increase production. Drawing from our extensive experience, all our infinity coves can be designed from the ground up or use an existing floor or area of work. They are of custom-built design and it is often the case that we construct the floor to ensure seamless transition.


We always aim to avoid disrupting your operation as much as possible and will work around your availability or time constraints. We also ensure that the working area is kept clean at all times, ensuring a professional and safe environment. The construction is done in a way that all wood and metal work is joint and rendered together in such a way that minimises any movement, strengthens the structure and minimise the appearance of cracks between the joints. This attention to detail is essential to ensure the cove we build for you meet your expectations.

The end result is a seamless transition from flat to wall with a smooth and imperceptible curve (cove). We finish the work priming the entire construction in white, ready for you to apply your own desired colour. A general clean and tidy up is done prior to this, making sure that when we hand the room back to you it is ready to go. The quality of the finishing will vary and depend on the materials used and quoted based on your budget and requirements. It is an obvious equation that the better and more expensive the materials and longer construction time spent on the work the smoother the final product will be. You will, regardless of the budget, get an infinity cove that you can use to create a seamless background when lit correctly. Enjoy.

To enable us to deal with your enquiry as quickly as possible, please email or alternatively phone +44(0)2087359170.

Infinity Cove Building
Infinity Cove Building
Building of infinity cove. Rate depends on size and materials used.
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