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This month at Decode, book any camera shooting kit from us and you can choose one extra item to add to your job FOR FREE! This includes anything on our website providing that it is available. The only stipulation is that free camera/ lenses will be dependent on the overall value of the hire, all other items qualify instantly! This is a great short- term deal, allow your imagination to get carried away, what item do you want to use for nothing? We have a growing list of comprehensive camera packages that contain everything you’ll need on your shoot. Transform your production by enjoying free equipment that will have an instant impact on your production value and budget.

browse our large inventory of camera shooting kits and HMI, Tungsten, LED and Fluorescent lighting kits, plus a huge array of grip and accessories. This offer is available to you from now until the end of March and all you need to do in order to take advantage is call us for a chat on +44 (0) 2087359170 or email us at for more info.

Solutions available to suit all budgets and requirements,
Camera Shooting Kits
Flexible package kits which include all items needed for a shoot.
Choose from tungsten, HMI, LED and fluorescent options available in varying outputs.
Camera movement and stability. steadycam, dollies, jibs, sliders, tripods, car mounts etc.
From the fastest primes to zooms. Wide selection of focal lengths both PL and EF mount..
A huge assortment of accessories available to aid all equipment in use on set.
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