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As you are all probably aware, the industry had been hit by a new spin on an old idea – welcoming in Freefly Systems MoVi M10. This is a gimbal based stabilisation system that has been developed from aerial filming rigs by a company who specilises in flying drones. Just a small search on an internet search facility will present to you a ream of comments and discussions concerning this rig, how it is changing the technology associated with camera movement and at a fraction of the cost of the already established Steadicam system.

What the MoVi M10 stabilisation system utilises over the Steadicam is an inexpensive way to make use of the full vertical axis without the use of an overly expensive Alien Revolution (AR) Rig. It does this by using a pendulum type system that can be inverted if needed all at a fraction of the cost. Don’t get us wrong, this will not end the reliance on Steadicam systems. The MoVi M10 will assist it in the correct situation. For instance, if you wanted to track talent by starting at the feet and ending at eye level whilst in a tight corridor space then MoVi M10 will be your only option. In this situation you would struggle to use any steadicam rig and would have to resort to handheld mode that would probably be shaky and off putting to the viewer. With the MoVi M10, the shot would be smooth and flowing.

Here at Decode we were lucky enough to have had the very first unit in the UK giving our inhouse technicians a chance to fully experiment and test the rigs capabilities. They really pushed the rig to its limitations whether it be hanging out of cars at 100mph, running at full sprint behind star athletes or moving the rig through tight spaces. These are experienced technicians with many years’ experience within the camera movement department. They had far too much fun to be at work! In all seriousness, this has put our technicians at the top of the pile for MoVi Operators in the UK with a number of high profile shoots within the last 6 months including global brands and A-List Hollywood actors. We not only rent out the rig but also the operators to go with it, separately or as a package, tailored for your needs. Our Operators here at Decode are at the cutting edge of this new technology boom.

As a result of this, we decided to put on two MoVi M10 open days. The first was located in Wimbledon Studios back in October 2013 where we first introduced the power of the MoVi M10 to the masses; and, another at Green Screen Studios in Soho last week. These two open days attracted the glitterati of production professionals from Producers to Camera Operators, Cinematographers in all of the different genres from News, Nature, Documentary, Feature Film, Music Video to Corporates and advertising executives. Each and every one of the people who turned up had ample flight time with the rig and to raid our experts’ brains on how and when to make use of this fantastic piece of equipment. A couple flew in from different countries just to attend. That is how highly regarded our Operators are.

By the end of the day everyone came to the same conclusion, that the MoVI M10 not only allows a complete freedom of movement, but also sparks the imagination of any creative mind. So, what are you waiting for? Get the MoVi M10 on your next shoot; and, whilst you are at it add one of our experienced operators for peace of mind that you will get the most out of the rig!

Freefly MoVI M10 inc. Red Epic W and CP2 Lenses
MoVi M10 rig, technician, Red Epic camera and Zeiss CP2 lens set deal
Daily: £800.00
Teradek Bolt Pro
1080P Wireless HD/SDI transmitter. Range 200ft.
Daily: £60.00
Cmotion WLCS 3 Axis Compact
Compact wireless follow focus 3 channel
Daily: £180.00
Freefly MoVI M10
3-axis digital stabilized camera gimbal.
Daily: £175.00
Freefly MoVI M10 inc. 1 Technician
MoVI M10, remote configuration with 1 Technician
Daily: £525.00
Freefly MOVI M10 inc. 2 Technicians
MoVI M10, remote configuration with 2 technicians
Daily: £850.00
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