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Decode provides a photographic style studio via Film Studio facility Malcolm Ryan Studios. It boasts a hand-crafted 16ft infinity cove, fully fitted kitchen, green room and a changing/make-up area. The studio is accessed via a lift for loading and unloading goods and props and with our store downstairs makes this a one-stop shop catering for your production needs.

We strongly believe that with our vast industry links together with the versatility of the studio space, we can provide you with everything that is needed to make your production a success. We don’t just provide space; we pride ourselves on working side-by-side with each of our clients from beginning to end

  • – Daily rate £250
  • – Overtime per hour until midnight £50
  • – Overtime per hour after midnight £100

    Please note: We operate on a 10 hour working day from 8am to 6pm. Overtime is charged outside these times at the above rates

    Key Features:

    • – 16 foot Infinity Cove
    • – Dimensions: 40ft × 16ft × 11ft
    • – High Ceiling (ranging from 12ft to 28ft)
    • – Surfaces can be Painted & Decorated
    • – Green room, Make up and Storage Area
    • – Connected to the in-house camera and lighting rental facility
    • – FREE Wi-Fi Internet access
    • – 13amp Electrical Outputs Throughout on a Single Circuit
    • – Single Phase Type B
    • – Max Electrical Draw = 32amp
    • Lighting and accessories available for hire:

        A Wide range of lighting equipment can be bolted onto your studio hire including, but not limited to:

      • – HMI
      • – Tungsten
      • – Fluorescent
      • – LED
      • And, accessories to go with them:

      • – Chimera and soft boxes
      • – Lighting Stands and Distribution
      • – Grip for all types of production
      • – A wide range of purchasable consumables
      • Full Day Studio Hire
        Full Day Studio Hire
        Studio enquiry. Standard 10 hour day.
        Daily: Call
        Weekend Day Studio Hire
        Weekend Day Studio Hire
        Session times: 08:00 - 18:00
        Daily: £350.00
        Pop Promo £1K studio
        Studio, camera, lighting and grip deal
        Daily: £1,000.00
        Photron Fastcam BC2 Studio deal
        Studio hire, Photron Fastcam BC2 camera kit, Dolly and Technician
        Daily: £2,000.00
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