Studio A

We have partnered with local studio facility Malcolm Ryan Studios, directly opposite our premises, to facilitate studio space to our clients. Studio A is the largest coved drive-in studio in London, large enough to house a double-decker bus. This vast space boasts a 30 metre wide U-shaped infinity cove, pre-rigged blackout drapes, and full lighting grid. It also has its own private production office and make-up room. The perfect space for large scale shoots, particularly those that require high ceiling clearance or overhead shooting facilities. Dimensions: 87ft × 92ft × 31ft, (26.52m × 28.04m × 9.45m), 8004 square feet.

Studio 1

Studio 1 is a drive-in white studio with a U-shaped infinity cove and floating ceiling. It comes with its own production office, make-up room, wardrobe room and toilet. It’s the perfect space for medium-to-large scale TV commercials, car shoots and over-head shooting. Dimensions: 87ft × 50ft × 19ft
(15.24m × 26.52m × 5.79m), 4350 square feet.

Studio 2

Studio 2 is a medium-sized, drive-in white studio with a U-shaped infinity cove and floating ceiling. It’s a perfect space for car photography, fashion shoots, focus groups and rehearsals. Boasting a drive-in access (14ft high) and remote controlled floating ceiling (34ft × 18ft. Dimensions: 70ft × 42ft × 19ft (12.8m × 21.34m × 5.79m), 2940 square feet.

Studio 3

Studio 3 is the largest pre-lit green screen studio in London with 11 × spacelights & 6 × 2K sky pans. It has drive-in access, a full lighting grid, and comes pre-lit with 11 space lights and six 2K pre-rigged sky pans. It’s the perfect space for shoots of all sizes, offering 24ft high ceiling and pre-lit with 65kw of power. Dimensions: 60ft × 60ft × 24ft (18.29m × 18.29m × 7.32m), 3600 square feet

Studio 4

Studio 4 is located on the first floor of the building, it is a self contained studio boasting a 16ft infinity cove, accompanied by a self-contained kitchenette and production office, with a large adjoining make-up / wardrobe room. It’s the perfect space for smaller shoots, including portraits, rehearsals, food and animals or small promos. Dimensions: 40ft × 16ft × 11ft

Full Day Studio Hire
Full Day Studio Hire
Studio enquiry. Standard 10 hour day.
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