UK Elections Discount Offer

The UK is celebrating the most unpredictable elections in history. We are helping clients to put some stability in their budgets by celebrating this newly found political diversity. All new orders from April 7th to May 7th qualify to a massive 40% discount across our entire rental inventory! That is all our cameras, lighting and grip equipment at a whopping 40% discount, (subject to availability, lighting bundle deals, dry hire shooting kits and crew are excluded). To qualify for this offer you must quote “Elections Discount” and you’ll grab a once in a 5 year bargain!

If you want to find out more, get in touch with us for availability. This offer is on a “first come first serve” basis, so call now to avoid disappointment or email

Solutions available to suit all budgets and requirements,
Camera Shooting Kits
Flexible package kits which include all items needed for a shoot.
Choose from tungsten, HMI, LED and fluorescent options available in varying outputs.
Camera movement and stability. steadycam, dollies, jibs, sliders, tripods, car mounts etc.
From the fastest primes to zooms. Wide selection of focal lengths both PL and EF mount..
A huge assortment of accessories available to aid all equipment in use on set.
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